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It’s a WORLD CLASS fertilizer! Rich and balanced with its own macronutrients, it differs by the presence of Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and microelements. Authorized in biological agriculture since the nitrogen is totally from an organic substance, its main characteristic is the versatility in its usage: slow-release Nitrogen, with basically zero environmental impact, influences meristematic apices and determines the plasticity of the cells; Phosphorus is available in short, medium and long terms as it comes from an organic matrix and affects the strength of the new sprouts, the reduced gap between the internodes and also acts in the protein synthesis and in the transport of energy in life processes (photosynthesis and breathing) conditioning the enzymatic activity; the Potassium, linked to the organic substance, is promptly available and influences biochemical processes where is involved, affecting preservability, colours and scents of agricultural products.
 The organic Calcium strengthens the roots and the whole plant, can make it younger and influences the skin of new fruits and fresh leaves, ensuring more flexibility and resistance to external agents attacks.
 Richness can be reached adding Magnesium: it has an important role in photosynthesis, presides to the formation of sugars, of proteins, of fats and vitamins; it’s the activator of the enzymatic functions and regulator of the osmotic pressure; Magnesium participates in the formation of pigments, as the carotene and the xanthophylls, and can facilitate the transfer of the Phosphorus into the vegetative apexes and in the seeds; finally it brings out the perfume and the intense and bright colouring of flowers fruits and vegetables.
Perfection is reached with the presence of Sulphur: it determines the composition of some enzymes and vitamins, stimulates the absorption of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, it’s essential for the activity of some species of bacteria present in the soil, acts in proteins formation, plays a central role in the growing and in the developmental control of the plant and an eventual lack of Sulphur would reflect on qualitative and quantitative parameters of the harvest; it can also improve the physical and chemical characteristics of the ground, enhanced the fertility of the soil and finally reduce the pH level. The large amount of Sulphur in WORLD NPK guarantees rebalancing in deficient lands with high pH levels.
Excellence is finally enshrined with the presence of Boron, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, all essential for the adjustment of life functions of the plant.
The Tectosilicates hinder the nutrients leaching process (function already carried out by the organic substance), becoming an “intelligent container” for the nutrient solution in the plant and an effective filter against the pollution of underlying aquifers.
 What really links all together is the 52% of organic substance which ensures that the plant gets all the required elements within the entire production cycle…and beyond.
WORLD NPK: that’s why it’s defined as a WORLD CLASS FERTILIZER!!!

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