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Yeast, algae and borlande characteristics are best used in order to make a stable balance that consistently yields amino acids readily assimilated by plants.
Il veganFert, per effetto della elevata purezza delle materie prime miscelate tra loro in base all’esperienza ed al know how della BIOS, si colloca tra i migliori prodotti da usare per fertirrigazione, anche se può essere usato con efficacia per via fogliare.
The completely water-soluble formulation is rich in antistress substances (betaine, natural chelating agents - mannitol and alginic acid, cytokinins, laminarin and oligosaccharides, as well as amino acids and microelements), deriving from extracts of algae of the Ascophyllum nodosum species, collected in the North Atlantic ( Nova Scotia, Canada - environments subject to intense tidal shocks that force algae to withstand extreme stress conditions, so as to develop unique survival skills), mixed with high quality, low molecular weight vegetable proteins to enhance their effectiveness.
The presence of magnesium in this phase improves the production and translocation of sugars, pigmentation and qualitative characteristics of fruits, also influencing photosynthesis: but more than anything else, magnesium is important because it promotes root development. Targeted additions restore the magnesium losses in the soil by leaching (easy in loose, acid soils and with intense precipitation) or unavailability (in alkaline soils).
The presence of potassium allows a balanced modulation of the synthesis of proteins, regulates transpiration influencing the stomatal opening, becomes part of the production processes of fragrant substances and flower colors, favors the processes of lignification. Organic in nature, it has a higher gear even in the early stages of plant development.
The use of veganFert must be regularly included in the nutritional program, so as to lead to a production increase thanks to the specific properties (stimulating action on the vegetation and fruit setting and acts as a natural chelator, carrying out an anti-stress action in case of changes in temperature, drought or high salinity of the soil).
In general we recommend the use of veganFert as the basis of the fertilizations for the entire production cycle, then inserting the appropriate nutrients for the phenological phase of the plant; we recommend at least 2-3 interventions in a production cycle.
Fertigation with veganFert are particularly indicated in anticipation or following periods of abiotic stress (low temperatures, drought, salinity) and help the plant resume the usual vegetative vigor.

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