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Primo460 (Fe)

Primo460 (Fe)


Primo, is the our new and  innovative product line based on organic fertilizer NP (Ca) which are made of natural organic matrices like noble proteins, amino acids and peptides all put together with appropriately selected Calcium and Magnesium tectosilicates: they have the multiple target of enhancing the organic matter and Humus in the soil in order to obtain a unit output, improve product-processing quality standards, solubilize all elements accrued in the soil so that any plant can get what is needed when needed.
Completely free from toxic contaminants, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Calcium from organic sources are available immediately and progressively, respecting the microflora of the soil, allowing those useful micro-organisms to perform their function of “organic digestion”.
 The selected Calcium and Magnesium tectosilicates can positively affect the cation exchange capacity; they guarantee the gradual and progressive release of water and other nutrients (which otherwise would have been leached); they also ensure the soil is constantly humid and the air can freely circulate (they avoid stress and asphyxia in the roots and promote useful micro-organisms activities).
 Primo460 (Fe) stems from the Primo460 enrichment with iron sulphate: it’s necessary on alkaline soils where Iron is stuck and it’s used as an immediate availability of iron and organic nitrogen at the first stage of the plant’s formation. It’s excellent for an effective basal fertilization on cultures with poor remuneration.
Primo460 (Fe): soil fertility and plants feeding.
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