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GranCereali NP

GranCereali NP

It’s an organo-mineral fertilizer NP made of different noble matrices arising from animal proteins and specifically prepared to promote, right from the start, the degradation of humic and fulvic acids, in order to facilitate the stability of the mineral colloids and to influence the Cation Exchange Capacity (and therefore the detention of free cations), in order to successfully manage farmlands (especially the clay ones), making them more fertile. It’s suitable for any cultivation, but it’s definitely the best for cereals. Phosphorus and Calcium are usually immiscible; in GranCereali NP they co-exist and they are digested by plants in short, mid and long terms, making this product ideal for a basal dressing. It has been created to stimulate the growth of the root structure as strong and fast as possible in order to make the plant hard and resilient; the product can also strengthen the plants during
the rising stage, limiting and preventing bending, breakups, stimulating the plant to be less easily blown over, under the pressure of bad whether conditions. Its composition results to be the best at the lowest price compared to competing products. Iron act as a catalyst for breathing processes and it’s fundamental for the formation of the chlorophyll molecules. The active forms of the iron are complex organic compounds like some proteins, lipids and enzymes, particularly abundant in fresh leaves. The Zinc is fundamental for the protein synthesis and works as a ribosome stabilizer as they are required for the formation of polypeptides from single amino acids.
GranCereali NP facilitates rooting, strengthens the structure of the plants protecting them from special weather events. It doesn’t release limestone.
GranCereali NP: growth rate, strong plants, resistance to adversities, all in one product!
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