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AgrOlivo NPK

AgrOlivo NPK

AgrOlivo was born in 2003 in response to the request to set up a new organic fertilizer specifically made for olive trees, with the addition of high quality and organic raw material in order to enhance the content in Potassium and Boron, a microelement essential for crops.
The following raw materials have been added to AgrOlivo: crude potassium salt (mining Potassium Sulphate) and sodium borate with the result of increasing water-soluble potassium (K2O) by 5% and boron (B) by 0.4%.
The presence of a quantity of potassium, considered too low by some business operators, steams from the following arguments by the technicians working for BIOS: the used sulfate potassium is quickly assimilable thanks also to the association of the totally organic nitrogen, therefore it is deemed the correct quantity for the period of application of the fertilizer (autumn / winter).
Eventually another portion of potassium, if necessary to the crops, must be integrated before the ripening of the fruits.
AgrOlivo, has distinguished itself in different area with several soil types and also different weather conditions, thanks to its great nutritional elements. It’s rich in organic substance, organic nitrogen derived from noble proteins and then rich in amino acids (free from proteins originating from tannery residues and therefore from heavy metals) like phosphorus, slow-acting calcium obtained from an organic substance and then totally soaked up with no release of limestone.

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