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Vite & Vita NPK

Vite & Vita NPK


Vite & Vita NPK, comes from experiences accumulated over time, with continuous and repeated tests of our fertilizers on many vine varieties (for both wine and table purposes) in different areas, lands and climates. Created to obtain quality and quantity from grapes, it safeguards the fertility of soil, subsoil and human health by holding selected tectosilicates to increase the cation exchange capacity, the retention and the gradual release of water.
Vite & Vita NPK, has a great amount of organic substance; the pH is neutral; it holds microelements in natural form, humic and fulvic acids in significant quantities that allow the progressive and constant release of Nitrogen and Carbon in the course of time, as well as the transformation from protein into Nitrogen.
Nitrogen, comes from vinasse and complete animal proteins, positively influencing the quantity and quality of the grapes, the sugar content, the taste, the aroma and the colour.
Phosphorus and Calcium, coming from an organic matrix, increase the formation of new roots, strengthen and rejuvenate the plant with new, well-evident buds; they also reinforce the skin and thus resist insect bites. Potassium comes from vinasse and sulphate; Magnesium is from sulphate; both release Sulphur into the soil acidifying it; they are linked to the organic matrix to be solubilized, assimilated and translocated totally without leaks.
The mixing and then the micromacination carried out on the raw materials used for Vite & Vita NPK, allow an increase in the exchange surface in the soil and speed up the transfer of nutrients; the present tectosilicates limit the leaching of the nutritive elements (a function already performed by the organic substance), becoming an "intelligent tank" of the nutrient solution for the plants and an effective filter against the pollution of the underlying layers. Vite & Vita NPK does not release limestone.

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