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AmminoMag Flash + Micro

AmminomagFlash + micro
AmminoMag Flash+Micro, is a mixture of complete proteins, amino acids and quick release peptides, with magnesium sulphate, sodium borate and manganese oxide.
AmminoMag Flash+Micro follows a particular processing technique that makes the product uniform and integrated in the form of mini-pellets, so that it can also be distributed locally, with seeding machines, tamping machines, weeders, etc. It also dissolves quickly when in contact with moisture.
The raw materials used, integrated with selected tectosilicates (which allow an increase in cation exchange and promote the retention of water), are available immediately. The nutritive elements are assimilated by the plant according to its constant and continuous needs, without allowing leakage by leaching and/or sublimation. It also solubilizes any nutritive elements blocked in the soil, from previous incorrect administration of fertilizers due to the influence of the organic substance on the pH of the soil.
Manganese is a catalyst for chlorophyll processes and tissue formation. It is essential for the activation of many enzymes, making plants more resistant to pest attacks.
Boron acts in the plant as a synergist of calcium and of the absorption of other ions. It promotes the lignification of tissues, regulates the water absorption and participates in the synthesis of sucrose and starch. It affects the differentiation of flower buds, the germination of pollen, the synthesis of flavonoids, the hormonal levels within the plant.
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