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POKER NPK (Ca) is a balanced fertilizer between the NPK values and the Ca. Complete and with a great amount of organic matter of biological origin, it has a low C/N ratio which allows the fast availability of the nutritive elements and a beneficial action of fertilization. The micro-organisms present in the soil, stimulated by the presence of Nitrogen, quickly act to release the elements that otherwise would require a long time to transform into components assimilables from the plant.
N 10: The Nitrogen present is perfectly in equilibrium between its ureic component ("fast and medium" transfer) and the organic one from various matrices (fast, medium and slow release) to guarantee its availability for a long time and from the first moment.
P 10: Phosphorus is readily assimilable as it is absorbed on humus and fine limestone. Organic phosphorus accounts for 20-80% of phosphorus in a soil in the form of nucleoproteins; in combination with humus, it produces humus phosphates. Approximately humus releases 15 Kg. of P2O5  per year; the greater the organic substance, the higher the availability of P.
K 10: Potassium varies between 1 and 5% (by weight) of the soil; more than 90% is bound to silicates and released slowly. Potassium, if linked to the organic substance, is easily assimilated. The high presence of this element, linked to vegetable and animal matrices, is immediately available for the plant and able to limit deficiencies, effectively influencing the biochemical processes in which it is involved.
Ca 10: Calcium, finally, always in available quantity equal to the other three elements and coming from an organic matrix, increases the formation of new roots and strengthens the plant, rejuvenates it with new well-evident buds. It also influences the epidermis of the fruits and the young leaves ensuring greater elasticity and resistance to attacks by external agents. It does not release limestone. The tectosilicates in the mixture obstruct the leaching of the nutritive elements as they slowly release the solution and only “on request" from the plants, also acting as an effective filter against the pollution of the underlying layers.
The result is a win in quality and quantity without any limit: a secure and guaranteed poker!

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