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"Feeding the soil in order to feed the plants": plant life depends on ground life. Our first concern is to keep the structure and the composition of the ground completely unchanged, “feeding it” with natural and balanced products, which allow the life and the development of microflora and microfauna contained within it.
HUMUS BIOS is what we suggest in order to feed the soil most effectively.
In fact, the humus, essential for the nutrition of vegetables, is a mix of organic substances contained in the soil and derived from the decomposition of plant and animal residues and from the synthesis of new organic molecules by several micro-organisms; with a colloidal nature and therefore strongly absorbent, it is earthy and stringy in appearance, brown in colour, almost black.
HUMUS BIOS: it originally comes from civil damp accomplished by dry biogas facility using anaerobic fermentation.
To do this, the base product must be free of obvious sources of contamination which would prevent its microbial activity. For this reason, for us it becomes very high-quality raw material and with the addition of Calcium and Magnesium’s tectosilicates appropriately selected and compacted in mini-pellets, our Humus becomes one of the best soil improvers in order to add organic substance to the farmland.
The wealth in humic and fulvic acids notably contributes to the enrichment of nutrients in the soil where they are spread around, getting to the final benefit of the cultivations.
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