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BIOS NPK 4-6-12 S

BIOS NPK 4-6-12 S


The ideal product to guarantee nutrition from the induction phase to the maturation phase, guaranteeing the right contribution of the nutritive elements necessary in these phases.
The presence of totally organic nitrogen allows to offer nitrogen to the plant "when the plant wants it" and not only when it is available in the nutritive solution: its release occurs thanks to the nitrification phase carried out by the bacteria and at the plant's request.
Phosphorus, largely soluble and available, guarantees the immediate administration to the plant of the element that is necessary for the photosynthesis and the strenght of the plant. Potassium helps, in soils poor of this element, to improve the colour, taste and increases the salt concentration of the cells when the plants are at rest.
Magnesium intervenes in the formation of chlorophyll, sugars, plant enzymes and vitamins, such as carotenoids, but also in the transport of other minerals that determine the formation of flowers and fruits. A correct fertilization based on magnesium will allow to have plants with perfectly pigmented leaves, flowers and fruits.
Calcium has the ability to increase the mechanical resistance of plant tissues, supporting and strengthening the cell walls; it activates some enzymes, regulates the translocation of carbohydrates and carries out an activity of compensation and equilibrium compared to the other absorbed cations, namely sodium, potassium, ammonium and magnesium.
The present sulphur allows to regulate the pH of the soil as well as to guarantee the availability for the synthesis of some amino acids and proteins in the plants. It is a high-quality product for the final phase of production.
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