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BIOS NP 4-12

BIOS NP 4 - 12


It’s an organo-mineral fertilizer NP (Ca) with Iron and Zinc. Made of different noble (animals and vegetables) matrices and prepared specifically to facilitate the well-meaning action of humic and fulvic acids in the ground. The presence of both Calcium and Phosphorus (normally not miscible), available in a balanced manner, make that product excellent for a basal dressing.
Created to stimulate the fast and strong growth of the root structure and to give strength and resistance to the aerial part of the plants, it strengthens the plants during the raising stage, limiting and preventing bending, breakups, stimulating the plant to be less easily blown over, under the pressure of bad whether conditions. BIOS NP 4 - 12 is the best at the lower price, thanks to its specific composition and the right balance between its constituent elements.
Iron obtained from ferrous sulphate pushes the pH towards acidity, making available again all the blocked nutritional elements in the soil; the product can also influence the plant’s colouring since the beginning; moreover, it can act as a catalyst for the breathing processes and the formation of chlorophyll molecules. The active forms of the iron are complex organic compounds like some proteins, lipids and enzymes, particularly abundant in fresh leaves.
Zinc facilitates the Phosphorus absorption, works as a catalyst in redox reactions within the cells, is involved in the formation of chlorophyll and the hormones which regulate the growth of the plants. It’s fundamental for the protein synthesis, works as a ribosome stabilizer as they are required for the formation of polypeptides from single amino acids. It’s necessary for the relaxation of cells. Within the plant, where it’s always located in very tiny quantities, it’s an extremely variable component. It has an antagonistic action against Iron while is often synergic with Copper and Magnesium.
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