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UreaPro N Più

UreaPro NPiù


UreaPro NPiù is a fertilizer unique for its characteristics as it presents Calcium and Phosphorus derived from organic matrix, carried around by the ureic starter effect. It enables a marked improvement in crops from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.
UreaPro NPiù is made of a mixture of urea, natural and tender phosphates and organic calcium which makes this product excellent for demanding crops. Created to stimulate the fast and strong growth of the root structure and to give strength and resistance to the plants themselves. Its processing makes the product uniform when collected in pellets, particularly hard, (can be spread with specific equipment), but the product melts quickly as soon as it gets in contact with damp.
Moreover, the presence of tectosilicates, integrated into the new formulas with noble proteins (amino acids and peptides) and /or with other raw material, acts perfectly the following functions: water reserve, adjustment and stabilization of the pH and finally the extended release of nutrients. If the product is spread around the entire field with a standard rotating manure spreader, even if it comes into contact with crops, it doesn’t cause any damage or burns like traditional urea.

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